• About Alyson..

    BA Hons, Dip NutRegistered Nutritionist MBANTRegistered Nutritional Therapist CNHC

    Alyson is a Nutritional Therapist having graduated from the College of Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine in London. Established for over 20 years so you’re in safe hands when dealing with Alyson for all things nutrition.

  • Nutrition Consultation and Food Sensitivity Test - £150 (MediSkin clients receive £10 off)

    Alyson looks at supporting your gut and identifying any food sensitivities which may be causing a level of inflammation in the system by carrying out a food sensitivity finger prick test at the Naturality Wellness Centre, based in Berkhamstead. A thorough review of your food diary is carried out to help identify other foods which we know cause a level of inflammation in the body and that may feature more regularly in your diet than you realise. Based on all the information a plan is then put together to help support your gut health which in turn helps maximise your skin health. Contact Alyson for a free discovery call to find out whether this test is right for you.