• How does it work?

    The Science | Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the main source of energy for cellular function and as we age, the natural production of ATP slows down, therefore collagen synthesis, skin cell renewal and hyaluronic acid production slows down too. Microcurrent significantly boosts ATP production in the cells to accelerate cell metabolism.

    ATP cannot be supplemented by food and drink therefore the Silhouette Dermalift Microface facial is unique in restoring energy and efficiency to cells for optimal health.

  • What can be treated?

    Ideal for lymphatic driangae, cell regneration and areas lacking firmness and tone:

    • Jowls
    • Eyes
    • Marionette lines
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Smoker's lines
    • Neck/decollete
  • How many treatments do I need?

    Clients will often see and feel an immediate difference in the skin after a single treatment. However, for best results a course of 6 treatments is recommended as minimum for long-term results followed by monthly maintenance.

Silhouette Dermalift Microface Deluxe

Microcurrent for the whole face, focussed on firming and toning an area of your choice, combined with the power of touch to indulge in a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage whilst the skin soaks up a PRO mask and prescriptve serums.

75mins | £85

Course of 6 | £425

Course of 3 | £234

Silhouette Dermalift Microface Express

Ultra-hydrating facial to recharge and rejuvenate the skin, including lymphatic drainage.

45mins | £57

Course of 6 | £269

Course of 3 | £151

Aqua Infusion Hybrid Facial

One of our most popular treatments indulges in the power of two high-tech devices and the power of touch. Transport yourself to any sunny destination of your choice while you bathe under the LED 'magic lights'. The microcurrent probes gently glide across the face to quench the skin's thirst and energise dull, tired skin. This treatment includes massage, a PRO mask and prescriptive serums..

Ideal for all skin types and conditions.

75 mins | £73

Course of 3 | £201

Eye Rescue Remedy Treatment

The ideal solution for brightening and tightening the eye area combining both muscle tightening (microcurrent) and skin tightening (radio frequency) technologies. Significantly minimises the appearance of lines, puffiness, dark circles and hooded lids. Includes lymphatic drainage, lifting techniques and a peptide-rich eye mask.

45mins | £48

Course of 6 | £240

Course of 3 | £132


Amplify your results by adding on Radio Frequency to lift the eye area by tightening the elastin fibres, erasing visible expression lines and wrinkles.

Radio Frequency (10 mins) | £10

Boost your results by up to 200% by combining Dermalux LED phototherapy for a more radiant, refined and youthful complexion.

Dermalux LED (10 mins) | £10

Dermalux LED (20 mins) | £20